Why do brands like Coca-Cola still advertise?

Have you ever wondered why companies that dominate a market and are seemingly immune to competition still advertise? Surely they can focus their efforts on other areas of their business but for some reason their level of advertising seems to stay consistent.

Case Study – What’s the need for advertising when Coca Cola is recognized around the world by every single human?

It turns out that Coca Cola advertise for other reasons than brand awareness and to increase sales. There’s much more to it. A short film made by Emil R.

This is a supplementary post for the October edition of the Entrepreneur Corner segment in our monthly publication ZASA Magazine. Our research brought us across an interesting comment by a Reddit user which sums up the reasoning behind why these big businesses still advertise – download the mag below for the insightful article.

Download Issue 25 here > ZASA Magazine – Issue 25 – October 2017 to read the full article.

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