What we believe…

These values are a guideline for all employees and consultants contracted by Longwe Media. If you can dig these, we can work together.

Respect the deadline

When I was in varsity, the school gave us 3 deadlines. Submit on or before due date and all is good; 1 day late they deduct 10% from your mark; 2 days late you lose 20%; 3 days late you get 0%… The world of clients is not as forgiving… Respect the deadline.

Love the process

The headlines, pictures and eyeballs capture the moment of the kill. The run up, the circling, the grip on the prey, the rolling and dead silence as the dust settles around the victorious predator… Little attention is paid to the countless hours the predator spent picking its location, fighting off other opportunists, and the disappointment of the ones that got away… Patience, dedication and planning are part of the victory process… Love them and the results will show.

Exceed expectations

We are here to take the client’s breath away, not just chase deadlines… But still, respect that deadline.

Keep your word

Whenever you are giving your word to a client, remember which of your own personal relationships felt better… The one with unrealistic broken promises or the one where your partner always did what they said they would.

Yesterday’s best is today’s basic

Our clients choose to repeatedly spend their hard earned cash with us because they know we are not about that resting on our laurels life. We are like horses on a race track, if we stop improving; another horse will take the lead and there’s nothing stopping our clients from betting on that horse… We really, really don’t want that.